Easter Mukbang | Indomie `INTERNET` Recipe and GAMI Korean Fried Chicken in Melbourne

Happy Easter guys! We come back with another #stayhome #withme recipe video to share plus mukbang special Easter edition. We have been giving up deep fried food and noodles for the past 40 days during Lent season, and we can't wait to show you guys our feast we had on Easter Saturday 2020.

We cooked our most favourite Indomie Goreng recipe which you can normally find at instant noodle street vendors, cafes and restaurants in Indonesia, which is called the "INTERNET". "Internet" stands for "Indomie" (Indonesian instant noodle brand), "Telur" (eggs), and "Kornet" (corned beef). We share the recipe in the video, so make sure you check it out!

We also did a Korean Fried Chicken takeaway from GAMI Chicken and Beer in Melbourne. This is one of our favourite "KFC" restaurants in Melbourne. We ordered original and sweet chili flavoured "KFC" and seafood and spring onion pancake. They always nail the flavour, we love itttt! This one of our ways to continue supporting local businesses during this Covid-19 crisis.

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