Insanely Delicious Satay from Sataylicious | Melbourne Food Review

This video is in collaboration with Sataylicious. Sataylicious is a family-owned business in Melbourne, preparing freshly made satay skewers and peanut sauce ready for customers. We are blown away with the taste of their satay. We also love their variety of satay flavors, not only the original Indonesian satay (sate) style but also some other delicious international-inspired flavored satay.

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Let us know if you have tried their amazing range of chicken, beef, and lamb satay before. If you haven't, please do find them and have a try, we are sure you will love the aromatic and super flavourful meat satay. It's very quick to cook as well, all you need to do is to grill the meat to perfection in your own kitchen and serve it with your favorite side dishes. Perfect for cooking during home isolation time!

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